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The linked alphabetical index of all 7310 films I watched from January, 2000 through December, 2016 is now complete:
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This site contains a collection of my film writings (click on any relevant link to the left).

The Alphabetized list of all 7180 films watched is now complete through September, 2016.  It can be found here.

Each year I attend a few film festivals and keep a relatively spoiler free journal of the films I've watched.   

Since 1975 I've been a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

I'm also keeping track of the freebies (videos, DVDs, scripts etc.) that the studios have sent me each year as an Academy member.  This year the list can be found here.

Four of my short films are now on the web for viewing:
GALLERY  (1971)
VROOOM!  (1974)

Another short film that I made in 1969 with Chuck Braverman for the Smothers Brothers TV show can also be viewed.  WORLD OF '68.

And here is another 20 minute short film that I co-directed and edited in 1976:  NIXON:  CHECKERS TO WATERGATE.

If you would like to see my personal entry in the Internet Movie Data Base, you can click here.

Also, a brief biography and filmography of my short films can be found here.

I was profiled in the 12/17/2013 Hollywood Reporter.  The article can be found here.

I've added another webside currently devoted to photographs taken at various motss conventions.  If you'd like to peruse these photos, you can click here.

I'd appreciate any comments.  You can reach me here.

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