2007-8 Academy Screeners and other freebies received

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Note:  None of these screeners are for sale...so don't even ask.   I'm providing this list solely for the purpose of showing which movies the studios are interested in pushing for the best picture Oscar.  The Academy and the studios expressly forbid the sale, transfer or duplication of these videos; and I  gladly accept those conditions.  I'm pleased to get these videos for reference purposes; but as far as I am concerned nothing can compare with actually viewing the films in theaters or screening rooms.   I watch very few movies solely on video every year.

[Note:  These first 3 screeners were received from United Parcel (dated 9/4) while I was in Toronto, so I can't say for sure that this is the correct receipt date.]

9/4/2007  WAITRESS                                                 DVD
9/4            ONCE                                                         DVD
9/4            THE NAMESAKE                                       DVD
10/6          A MIGHTY HEART                                    DVD
10/19       THINGS WE LOST IN THE FIRE              DVD
10/20       FREEDOM WRITERS                                 DVD
10/22       KNOCKED UP                                            DVD
[Note: This year the studios have apparently decided to send all screeners in thin cardboard, practically unadorned, cases.  This policy may be due to the Academy's edict eliminating screener advertising.  In any case, the screeners take up a lot less room, which is nice; but they also tend to get lost in the shuffle without their jewel cases.]
10/24       ZODIAC                                                       DVD
10/25       BADLAND                                                    DVD
10/29       REIGN OVER ME                                        DVD
10/29       ACROSS THE UNIVERSE                          DVD
10/29       SPIDER-MAN 3                                           DVD
10/30       BREACH                                                      DVD
11/7         THE KINGDOM                                           DVD
11/9         STARTING OUT IN THE EVENING           DVD
11/9        INTO THE WILD (score)                             CD    (with Hollywood Reporter, date approx.)
11/10       3:10 TO YUMA                                           DVD
11/10       BUG                                                            DVD
11/10       AWAY FROM HER                                      DVD
11/14      ELIZABETH THE GOLDEN AGE                DVD
11/15      DAN IN REAL LIFE                                     DVD
11/15      INTO THE WILD                                         DVD
11/15      MARGOT AT THE WEDDING                     DVD
11/19      RENDITION                                                 DVD
11/19      LA VIE EN ROSE                                        DVD
11/19      THE ORPHANAGE                                      DVD
11/19      THE LAST MIMZY                                      DVD
11/19      EASTERN PROMISES                                DVD
11/19      LUST,CAUTION                                          DVD
11/19      HAIRSPRAY                                                DVD
11/19      THE KITE RUNNER (score)                       CD     (delivered with Hollywood Reporter)
11/20      300                                                              DVD
11/20      HARRY POTTER 5                                     DVD
11/20      IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH                        DVD
11/21      GONE BABY GONE                                    DVD
11/23      RATATOUILLE                                           DVD
11/23      MICHAEL CLAYTON                                  DVD
11/23      AMERICAN GANGSTER                             DVD
11/27      HOAX                                                          DVD
11/30     SICKO                                                          DVD  
12/6       JUNO                                                           DVD
12/6        THE SAVAGES                                           DVD
12/6       THE BAND'S VISIT                                     DVD
12/6       LARS AND THE REAL GIRL                       DVD
12/6       PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 3              DVD
12/7       DIVING BELL & BUTTERFLY                    DVD
12/10     GRACE IS GONE                                         DVD
12/10     ATONEMENT                                              DVD
12/10      I'M NOT THERE                                         DVD
12/10      MAN IN THE CHAIR                                   DVD
12/10    "Do You Feel Me" AMER. GANGSTER       CD  (delivered with Hollywood Reporter)
12/12     3 songs from WALK HARD                        CD       (delivered with Hollywood Reporter)
[Note:  Apparently the Academy's restriction on sending out music CD mailers has caused the studios to use other means to reach Academy members.  This year the Hollywood Reporter is being sent to Academy members (at least if I am representative) as a freebie, and with it the occasional music CD enclosed in the magazin
12/13    BEE MOVIE                                                 DVD
12/14     YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH                         DVD
12/14     PERSEPOLIS                                              DVD
12/14     THE SIMPSONS MOVIE                             DVD
12/14     NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN                    DVD
12/15     THE BUCKET LIST                                     DVD
12/15     CONTROL                                                    DVD
12/15     THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM                       DVD
12/18     ENCHANTED                                               DVD
12/20     TRANSFORMERS                                        DVD
12/20     SHREK THE THIRD                                     DVD
12/20     THERE WILL BE BLOOD                             DVD
12/20     THE KITE RUNNER                                     DVD  
12/21     BELLA                                                          DVD
12/26     HONEYDRIPPER                                         DVD
12/27     THE GOLDEN COMPASS                            DVD
12/27     CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR                           DVD
12/27     I AM LEGEND                                               DVD
12/27     SWEENEY TODD                                          DVD
12/27     THE GREAT DEBATERS                              DVD
12/27     ROMANCE AND CIGARETTES                    DVD
12/31     I'M NOT THERE (replacement screener)  DVD
1/30/08   RATATOUILLE                                            Script
1/30       MICHAEL CLAYTON                                    Script
2/1         SURF'S UP                                                    DVD   
2/1         THE SAVAGES                                             Script
2/1         JUNO                                                            Script
2/1         ATONEMENT                                               Script

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