This site is devoted to motss.cons, both past and present.
It is presented for your viewing pleasure by your genial host, Ken Rudolph.

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thanks: Jason Parker-Burlingham (photog),
 Chris Ambidge (idea), Bill Mills (animation)



Pictures etc. from various past motss.cons:

motss.con I group1988 San Franciso, CA motss.con *I* link to Billy Green's photos.

1989 Boston, MA motss.con II

1990  Denver, CO motss.con III

1991  Toronto, Ontario motss.con IV

1992  Portland, OR motss.con V

yearbook1993 Boston, MA motss.con VI Yearbook!  (large .pdf file, wait it out to download).

1994 Las Vegas, NE motss.con MOTSS-FOOD dinner.

1995 Washington D.C. motss.con VIII (I missed this, so no photos.)

barcelona minicon group1995 Barcelona, Spain mini-motss.con

Trotter group1996 Chicago, IL motss-food dinner at Charlie Trotters

SFX logo1997 SF*X* Con Photos

boat photo1998 Pittsburgh, PA motss.con XI Photo

graceland1999 Memphis, TE motss.con XII Photos

2000 Utrecht, Netherlands motss.con XIII (I missed this one, so no photos.)

stockholm2001 Stockholm, Sweden motss.con XIV Trip Report

ramada2002 West Hollywood, CA motss.con XV Proposal

2003 Ithaca, NY motss.con XVI photos (from a lost stash) coming soon to this space.

2004 Jacksonville Beach, FL motss.con XVII (One day I may find some photos from this con!)

vancouver2005 Vancouver, B.C. motss.con XVIII Photos

segway2006 Minneapolis, MN motss.con XIX Photos

motss food2007 Palo Alto, CA motss.con XX Photos

2008 Providence, RI motss.con XXI  (I missed out on this, so no photos.)

Motssers at the Rose Garden2009 Portland, OR motss.con XXII Photos

2010 Miami, FL motss.con XXIII (I also missed out on this, so click here to go to Dennis Lewis's miami.motss.con photos site.)

group2011 Seattle, WA motss-food meal at the Herbfarm

2011 Seattle, WA motss.con XXIV Photos (coming one day.

Boone con group2012 Boone, NC motss.con XXV Photos (Part 1 - more to come)
                                  Jeff Shaumeyer's Photos

garden2013 Ann Arbor, MI motss.con XXVI all Videos

2013 Ann Arbor, MI motss.con XXVI  Jeff Shaumeyer's photos!

2014  Portland, ME motss.con XXVII  Coming soon (don't hold your breath, though!)

2015  Rochester/Perry, NY  motss.con XXVIII  (didn't attend.  *sigh*)

2016  New Orleans, LA  motss.con XXIX  One day I'll organize these photos.

Justin menuIn 1995, I made a documentary, 1 hour 12 minutes, which celebrated motsser (and my lover for 5 years) Howard Faye.  Its first screening was at the Motss Memorial Service for H.A. Faye at the Justin Winery in Paso Robles, CA. on August 26, 1995 (menu at left).  It's a rough cut, made without benefit of modern editing equipment (no computer!)  But I have made it available for streaming on-line anyway.  The video can be seen here.

I'm planning on scanning some pictures from my life and putting them on this web site.  The first group of 3 photos and some home movie video can be found here.  Also I starred in a movie with several dogs and a cat directed by my mother when I was about 1-year old in 1942.  You can watch it here
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