2008-9 Academy Screeners and other freebies received

The new screeners for the year 2017-18 can be found here.

Note:  None of these screeners are for sale...so don't even ask.   I'm providing this list solely for the purpose of showing which movies the studios are interested in pushing for the best picture Oscar.  The Academy and the studios expressly forbid the sale, transfer or duplication of these videos; and I  gladly accept those conditions.  I'm pleased to get these videos for reference purposes; but as far as I am concerned nothing can compare with actually viewing the films in theaters or screening rooms.   I watch very few movies solely on video every year.

Today (9/20/08) I received from Warner Bros. the first offer of the option to choose Blu-Ray disks, rather than straight DVDs.  Since I haven't transitioned to HDTV yet, I won't go there, at least this year.  I was wondering when the studios would start to go this way with these screeners.  By next year I expect these offers to become the norm, although it did take several years for DVDs to replace VHS tapes totally and become the standard medium. 

9/27/2008   FROZEN RIVER                                             Sony Pictures Classics (mail)       DVD
10/23          VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA                    Weinstein Co. (mail)                       DVD
11/5            BURN AFTER READING                                Focus Features (FedEx)                DVD
11/10         I'VE LOVED YOU SO LONG                           Sony Pictures Classics (mail)       DVD
11/15         THE VISITOR                                                 Overture Films (mail)                      DVD
11/18         SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE                               Fox Searchlight (UPS)                   DVD

A new development on the screener front.  Fox Searchlight enclosed a postcard with Slumdog Millionaire to be returned by March 1, 2009, certifiying that the DVD disk has been successfully destroyed.  I wonder how many recipients are planning on doing so and replying by that date.
11/19         TRAITOR                                                         Overture Films (FedEx)                  DVD
11/19         LAST CHANCE HARVEY                                Overture Films (FedEx)                  DVD
11/19         QUANTUM OF SOLACE                                  Sony (FedEx)                                  DVD
11/19         RACHEL GETTING MARRIED                        Sony Pictures Classics (FedEx)   DVD
11/25         SYNECDOCHE NEW YORK                            Sony Pictures Classics (FedEx)   DVD
11/25         FROST/NIXON                                                Universal Pictures  (FedEx)           DVD
11/25         THE DUCHESS                                               Paramount Vantage (mail)             DVD
11/26         NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH                         Yari Film Group (mail)                     DVD
11/26         WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU                           Yari Film Group (mail)                     DVD
11/28        CHE (2 disks)                                                  IFC Films  (mail)                              DVD
11/28        THE YELLOW HANDKERCHIEF                     Corbelle Film Prods. (mail)            DVD
11/29         WALL*E                                                          Disney/Pixar  (mail)                         DVD
As usual there are reports that additional screeners have been sent to the Actors Branch. Anne Thompson's column in Weekly Variety mentions ELEGY and WENDY & LUCY as examples.
12/2           MILK                                                                Focus Features (FedEx)                DVD
12/3           KUNG FU PANDA                                            DreamWorks Animation (mail)      DVD
12/3           MADAGASCAR ESCAPE 2 AFRICA                Paramount DreamWorks (UPS)     DVD
12/3           THE WRESTLER                                             Fox Searchlight   (UPS)                  DVD
A correspondent to this site notified me that the Music Branch received the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 DVD on 12/2.
12/4           CHANGELING  (2 disks)                                 Universal Pictures (FedEx)           DVD
12/8           THE DARK KNIGHT                                        Warner Bros. (FedEx)                      DVD
12/10         CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON     Paramount (UPS)                            DVD
12/10         DOUBT                                                             Miramax (UPS)                                DVD
12/12         INDIANA JONES: CRYSTAL SKULL              Paramount (mail)                            DVD
12/12         W.                                                                     Lionsgate (mail)                              DVD
12/13         GRAN TORINO                                                Warner Bros.  (FedEx)                     DVD
12/15         DEFIANCE (2 disks)                                       Paramount Vantage (UPS)             DVD
12/15         REVOLUTIONARY ROAD                               Paramount Vantage (UPS)              DVD
12/15         THEN SHE FOUND ME                                   Think Film (mail)                              DVD 
12/16         BOLT                                                                Disney (UPS)                                    DVD
12/16         MAMMA MIA!                                                   Universal (FedEx)                           DVD
12/18         SEVEN POUNDS                                             Sony/Columbia (UPS)                      DVD
12/18         TALE OF DESPEREAUX                                 Universal (FedEx)                            DVD
12/18         THE READER                                                  Weinstein Co.  (FedEx)                    DVD
12/20         GOMORRAH                                                    IFC Films (mail)                                 DVD
12/19         CROSSING                                                      ? (with Hollywood Reporter)           DVD
12/22         WHAT JUST HAPPENED                               Magnolia Pictures (mail)                 DVD
12/22         WALTZ WITH BASHIR                                    Sony Classics (mail)                        DVD
12/23         NOBEL SON                                                    ? (mail)                                               DVD
12/23         BOTTLE SHOCK                                             ? (mail)                                               DVD
12/23         AUSTRALIA  (2 disks)                                    FOX (UPS)                                         DVD
12/29         JODHAA AKBAR                                              ?  (mail)                                             DVD
12/31         MOSCOW BELGIUM                                         NeoClassics Films (mail)               DVD
12/31         THE BLACK BALLOON                                    NeoClassics Films (mail)                DVD
12/31         CAPTAIN ABU RAED                                       NeoClassics Flms (mail)                 DVD
         A correspondant reports receipt of HAPPY-GO-LUCKY and EDGE OF HEAVEN.  I haven't received either.
1/30/2009  BENJAMIN BUTTON (score)                          PA (mail)                                            CD
2/2             WALL*E (original Song & score)                   Disney (mail)                                     CD
2/2             WALL*E (script)                                               Disney (mail)                                    
2/2             FROZEN RIVER (script)                                  Sony Pictures Classics (mail) 
2/3            SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE (song "Jaiho")       Fox Searchlight (mail)                     CD
2/3            SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE (score)                    Fox Searchlight (mail)                     CD
2/4            WANTED                                                            Universal (FedEx)                             DVD
2/4             HELLBOY II                                                      Universal (FedEx)                             DVD 
2/13          SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE (script)                   Fox Searchlight (mail)                                    

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