All Films Watched in 2011

In 2011 I watched 435 feature length films or shows.  

All films are rated on a scale of **** (A+), *** 3/4 (A), *** 1/2 (A-), *** 1/4 (B+), *** (B), ** 3/4 (B-), ** 1/2 (C+), ** 1/4 ( C), ** (C-) , * 3/4 (D+), * 1/2 (D), * 1/4 (D-), * (F) 
Links are to longer reviews on site.  A film defined as 70 min.+  visual event.  

 (V) =  TV, Video or DVD    ( +) = repeat viewing      (W/O)= walked out

!WOMEN ART REVOLUTION (d. Lynn Hershman-Leeson) V. Polemic docu 40 years in work on women in art. Moving ending saved film from didacticism.  ** 1/2
100 STEPS (I cento passi)  (d. Marco Tullio Giordana)  *** 1/2
3 (d. Tom Tykwer)  *** 1/4
3 BACKYARDS (d. Eric Mendelsohn)  ** 1/4
317th PLATOON, THE (La 317ème section)  (d. Pierre Schoendoerffer) *** 1/2
40  (d. Emre Sahin) ***
50/50  (d.  Jonathan Levine) Great screwball chemistry between flawlessly convincing Gordon-Levitt & Anna Kendrick elevates a so-so, if heartfelt script.  *** 1/4
71 - INTO THE FIRE  (d.  John H. Lee)  *** 1/4
72 DAYS  (d. Danilo Serbedzja, Croatia)  * 1/2
ABEL (d. Diego Luna) Crazy 10-year old boy wrecks havoc with his already splintered Mexican family. Psychologically suspect; but involving & well acted. ***
ABOVE US ONLY SKY  (d. Jan Schomburg)  *** 1/4
ABSENT  (d.  Marco Berger)  ***
ACROSS THE UNIVERSE (d. Julie Taymor) V.+++  Still amazing evocation of the '60 and remarkable showcase for immortal Beatles songs. Fab, gear, hyperbolic. ****
ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, THE  (d. George Nolfi) Phil Dick story ridiculously surreal.  Glossy; but boring since I didn't believe a bit of it. **
ADVENTURES OF TINTIN, THE (d. Spielberg & Jackson)  Non-stop action to the point of serious fatigue. Very convincing mot. capture characters. **
AFRICAN ELECTION, AN  (d. Jarreth Merz)  ** 1/2
ALBERT NOBBS  (d. Rodrigo Garcia)  Well intentioned, nicely acted, if stogy story of women living as men in old Ireland. ** 3/4
ALL GOOD THINGS  (d. Andrew Jarecki) V. The stranger than fiction life of Robert Durst as brought chillingly to screen by another great Gosling perf. *** 1/4
ALMANYA  (d. Yasemin Samdereli)  *** 1/4
ALOIS NEBEL  (d. Tomas Lunak,  Czech Republic)  ** 3/4
ALONG THE RIDGE (Anche libero va bene)  (d. Kim Rossi Stuart) + *** 1/2
AMADOR   (d. Fernando León de Aranoa)  *** 1/4
ANGÈLE AND TONY (d. Alix Delaporte) ** 1/2
ANGELS OF EVIL (Vallanzasca - Gli angeli del male)  (d. Michele Placido)  *** 1/2
ANONYMOUS  (d. Roland Emmerich) Interestingly structured costume epic. Ridiculous history; but lots of fun to watch fine actors trying hard.  ***
ANOTHER EARTH    (d. Mike Cahill)  ** 1/4
ANOTHER HAPPY DAY  (d. Sam Levinson)  Ups the ante for most dysfunctional family wedding ever. Wonderful, if uneven, acting. Ezra Miller rules! ** 3/4
ANY HUMAN HEART (d. Michael Samuels) V. Superbly acted (Broadbent, Macfadyen) 20th century life story as philosophical passage. *** 1/4
APART TOGETHER  (d. Wang Quan'an)  ***
APPLAUS (d. Martin Zandvliet) Tense Danish film about middle age actress's life crisis, with a raw nerve perf. by Paprika Steen as estranged mother of small boys. ***
ARBOR, THE  (d. Clio Bernard) V.  Docu of British projects poet/playwrite Andrea Dunbar & her screwed up children. Interesting, novel subject...not well organized. ** 3/4
ARTIST, THE  (d. Michael Hazanavicius)  Convincingly authentic take on silent film tropes, but predictable seen-before plot did nothing for me.  ** 1/2
AS IF I AM NOT THERE  (d.  Juanita Wilson)  *** 1/4
ATALANTE, L' (d. Jean Vigo) V. Seminal film gorgeously remastered & recut to original intent. Simple story sort of eliptical narrative, but beautiful.  *** 1/4
ATLANTIS DOWN  (d. Max Bartoli)  W/O
ATTENBERG  (d. Athina Rachel Tsangari, Greece)  W/O
AUGUST  (d. Eldar Rapaport)  ** 3/4
BACK DOOR CHANNELS: THE PRICE OF PEACE (d. Harry Hunkele) V. Fascinating, often moving behind scenes docu of Egypt-Israel negotiations. Important. *** 1/2
BACK TO YOUR ARMS  (d. Kristijonas Vildzunas,  Lithuania)  ** 1/2
BAG OF BONES (d. Mick Garris) V. Instantly forgettable miniseries about ghosts & revenge for old murders in rural Maine. Waste of time.  **
BATTLE FOR BROOKLYN (d. Galinsky & Hawley) V. Slow to start 6-yr. in making docu, gathers power of disgust at the toady political establishment.  *** 1/4
BATTLE: LOS ANGELES  (d.  Jonathan Liebesman) Bombast for days; but this 21st Cent. redo of Independence Day rocks. Convincing, stirring. Am I nuts? *** 1/4
BEATS, RHYMES & LIFE (d.  Michael Rapaport) V. Rock docu of seminal, troubled hip-hop group "A Tribe Called Quest". Interesting new-to-me stuff, but just ok. ** 1/2
BEAUTY  (d. Oliver Hermanus,  South Africa)  *** 1/4
BEGINNERS (d. Mike Mills) Finally a truthful film about an elderly gay man, lovingly made, emotionally satisfying. The son's story (film's center) not so well written. Still... *** 1/2
BELLE EPINE  (d. Rebecca Ziotowski)  **
BELLFLOWER  (d. Evan Glodel)  ** 3/4
BETTER LIFE, A  (d. Chris Weitz)  An L.A. story of depth & immediacy about illegal Mexican worker & his love for his US born son.  Fine perfs, moving and suspenseful.  *** 1/4
BEYOND  (d. Pernilla August, Sweden)  ** 3/4
BICYCLE, SPOON, APPLE (d. Carlos Bosch)  *** 1/4
BIG FIX, THE  (d. Joshua Tickell) V. Another earnest & vital docu about evil corporations (esp. BP & the recent oil spill's continuing effects.) Nicely structured.  *** 1/2
BIG PICTURE, THE (L'Homme qui voulait vivre sa vie) (d. Eric Lartigau) ***
BILL CUNNINGHAM NEW YORK  (d. Richard Press) V. Entertaining, well made docu of life & times of vivacious old coot street fashion photog.  *** 1/2
BLACK BREAD (Pa Negre) (d. Agusti Villaronga)  ** 3/4
BLACK FIELD (Mavro Livadi) (d. Vardis Marinakis)  **
BLACK POWER MIX TAPE, THE 1967-1975 (d. Göran Olsson) Interesting Swedish docu with some fine new footage; but also somewhat familiar territory.  ** 3/4
BLACK SWAN  (d. Darren Aronofsky) V. + Still hysterical & overwrought. But gorgeous with phenominal acting, camera, design. Even works on small screen.  *** 1/4
BLACK TULIP  (d. Sonia Nassery Cole; Aphghanistan)  ** 3/4
BLACK, WHITE & BLUES (d. Mario Van Peebles)  **
BLESSED EVENTS (Glückliche fügung) (d. Isabelle Stever) ** 1/2
BONNES FEMMES, LES (d. Claude Chabrol) ** 1/4
BOY MEETS BOY (Shorts)  (d.  various)  *** 1/4 (on average)
BREATHING (ATMEN)  (d. Karl Markovics, Austria) *** 1/2
BRIDESMAIDS (d. Paul Feig)  Almost too transgressive and female humor oriented for me; yet I laughed and Chris O'Dowd is quite good.  ** 3/4
BRIGHTON ROCK  (d. Rowan Joffe) Stylish, noirish remake of '47 flick set in '64. Riley is convincingly twitchy, Riseborough a find! Disappointing climax.  ***
BUCK (d. Cindy Meehl)  *** 1/4
BURLESQUE (d. Steve Antin) Fab costumes & production. Less than fab script (clichés abound). Aguilera is great. Gigandet to die for. Cher is mummified. Loved it. ** 3/4
BURNT BY THE SUN 2:  THE CITADEL (d. Nikita Mikhalkov, Russia)  ** 3/4
CADO DALLE NUBI  (d. Gennaro Nunziante) ***
CAPTAIN AMERICA: 1ST AVENGER (d. Joe Johnston) At last a movie from the comics that's well plotted & directed by a guy who knows what to do with 3D.  ***
CARNAGE  (d. Roman Polanski) Best 4-actor filmed play since V. Woolf, actors eat up the screen & each other. f/x of the year: Polanski's Brooklyn.  *** 1/2
CARRIER, THE (d. Maggie Betts) V. Slowly developing, gorgeous, moving docu of polygamous Zambian family suffering effects of AIDS & still having babies.  *** 1/4
CEDAR RAPIDS (d. Miguel Arteta) OK funny mashup of Hangover & any Alex Payne joint about prairie rubery. Arteta's good with actors, not prod. design. ** 3/4
CEREMONY  (d. Max Winkler)  ** 1/4
CERTAIN PREY (d. Chris Gerolmo) V. TV movie of a pretty good book; entertaining, comic policing with a little more grit than "Psych" also on USA. ** 1/2
CERTIFIED COPY (d. Abbas Kiarostami) Enigmatic, talky, strangely involving film about 2 people wandering a Tuscan town who may or may not be married.  ***
CHANGE-UP, THE  (d. David Dobkin)  Very unpleasant raunchy, adult, identity change story. Reynolds and esp. Bateman were good, but the film?  Ugh!  * 1/2
CHAOS  (d. Tony Giglio) V. Time to waste on a watchable, if cliched STV heist thriller with Stratham & Phillippe. Too labyrinthine for its own good.  ** 1/2
CHE BELLA GIORNATA  (d. Gennaro Nunziante) incomplete due to broken digital projector
CHILD PRODIGY, THE  (L'enfant prodige) (d. Luc Dionne)  *** 1/2
CIGAN (GYPSY)  (d. Martin Sulik,  Slovak Republic)  ***
CINÉASTES DE NOTRE TEMPS (d. Jacques Rozier) V. Informative 98 minute docu made for tv in the '60s interviewing people involved with Vigo. ***
CINEMA VERITÉ (d. Berman & Pulcini) V. Superbly acted re-creation of the behind the scenes of An American Family. 40 years ago never seemed so fresh. *** 1/2
CIRCO (d. Aaron Schlock) V. Docu about a Mexican circus family & their heartbreaking problems in the 21st century.  Nicely constructed to involve the audience.   *** 1/4
CLINK OF ICE, THE (Le Bruit des glaçons) (d. Bertrand Blier)  ** 1/2
COLD CUTS (Buffet froid) (d. Bertrand Blier) **
COLORS OF THE MOUNTAINS, THE  (d. Carlos César Arbeláez, Colombia)  ***
CONSPIRATOR, THE (d. Robert Redford) Somber history of injustice, great cast, the Civil War still resonates. Robin Wright & James McAvoy stand out. *** 1/2
CONTAGION (d. Steven Soderbergh) Suspenseful, realistic, well acted and directed. Only a too pat, unrealistic resolution mars an excellent effort.  *** 1/4
COPACABANA (d. Marc Fitoussi)  ***
CORIOLANUS  (d. Ralph Fiennes) Fabulous concept, great acting; but Shakespeare's language doesn't work for me in this context. ** 1/2
COUNTRY STRONG (d. Shana Feste) Weak script (seen it before).  Can't blame actors...Paltrow really fine & Hedlund has charisma to burn. Music a plus. ** 1/2
COWBOYS & ALIENS  (d. Jon Favreau) Liked the Western, hated the Aliens...Well cast; but silly plotting ruined any chance of not disappointing.  **
CRAZY, STUPID LOVE  (d. Ficarra & Requa) Diverting rom-com with Carel's best perf to date; I wanted to love it...but predictable plot twists just not funny enough. ** 3/4
CRYING OUT  (d. Robin Aubert)  ***
DANCE TOWN     (d. Jeon Kyu-hwan)  ** 3/4
DANGEROUS METHOD, A  (d.  David Cronenberg) Talky, even stagey ultra-smart film about Jung & Freud falling out. Knightley is spectacularly good. ** 3/4
DANIEL DERONDA (d. Tom Hooper) V. Nicely mounted costumer: love thwarted & Jewish identity found. Stolidly underplayed by good cast. Hooper? hmmm. ** 3/4
DARKEST MATTER, THE  (d. James Fox)  1/2*
DAYBREAK (d. Michael Rymer) V. Final ep. of Battlestar Galactica  as a 2 1/2 hr. film on DVD. Lovely blue & green ending to a fascinating series. *** 1/2
DAYDREAM NATION (d.  Mike Goldbach)  ***
DEBT, THE (d. John Madden)  Dual stories of consequences of past.  Both sets of actors convincing.   *** 1/4
DECENDANTS, THE  (d.  Alexander Payne) A nice script, interesting characters & Hawaiian beauty make for an enjoyable, but minor, entertainment.  *** 1/4
DECLARATION OF WAR  (d. Valérie Donzelli, France)  *** 1/2
DESTINY OF LESSER ANIMALS  (d. Daron Albright)  * 1/2
DETENTION  (d.  Joseph Kahn)  ** 1/4
DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: RODRICK RULES (d. David Bowers) OK for what it is, 7th grader adventures. I was mildly amused; but I'm not the right audience. ** 1/4
DO YOU SEE COLORS WHEN YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES?  (d. Caleb & Joshua Young) *** 1/2
DOWNTON ABBEY (d. Percival, Bolt & Kelly) V. Julian Fellowes has written a superb Edwardian costumer. Maggie Smith is fabu; but so is everybody. *** 3/4
DRIVE  (d. Nicholas Winding Refn) Nobody does stylized violence as good as Refn. Until disappointingly curtailed anti-climax great film; but ending disappointed.  *** 1/4
DUSK (Schemer)  (d. Hanro Smitsman)  ***
DZI CROQUETTES  (d. Alvarez & Issa) V. Entertaining docu of Brazillian 70's transgendered group modeled on Cocquettes. Haphazard editing, but fine perfs. ***
EAGLE, THE (d. Kevin Macdonald) Interesting historical plot marred by inauthentic details. Battles are horrendously edited & shot, acting wildly varied. ** 1/2
EASY MONEY  (d. Daniel Espinosa)  ***
ECUPID (d. JC Calciano)  A gay romcom about a failing 7-year relationship of breathtaking banality and technical incompetence. Attractive cast, anyway.  1/2*
ELITE SQUAD 2: THE ENEMY WITHIN (d. José Padilha,  Brazil)  ** 1/2
EVERY SONG IS ABOUT ME  (d. Jonas Trueba)  ***
EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE  (d. Christoffer Boe)  ** 1/2
EX  (d. Heiward Mak)  **
EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP (d. Banksy) + V. First time I was mystified, was this a mocumentary? Now I get it. Beautifully edited, entertaining docu. *** 3/4
EXPORTING RAYMOND  (d. Philip Rosenthal) V. Brilliantly written & funny docu about Rosenthal's adventures adapting his tv series to Russian esprit. *** 3/4
EXTRATERRESTRIAL (d. Nacho Vigalondo)  **
EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE  (d. Stephen Daldry) Unfilmable 9/11 novel saved by outstanding script, direction & one great kid actor. *** 1/2
FAIR GAME (d. Doug Liman) V. Taut true life story which nails the rot in the Bush/Chaney White House & infuriates. Watts & Penn excell as usual. *** 1/4
FAMILY TREE (L'Arbre et la foret) (d. Ducastel & Martineau)  ***
FAST FIVE (d. Justin Lin)
FATHER (d. Pasquale Squitieri)  **
FEW DAYS OF RESPITE, A (Quelque jours de répit) (d. Amor Hakkar) A gay, Franco/Irani version of A Better Life, slow, arty, lovely, sad.  ***
FIRE IN BABYLON  (d. Steven Riley)  * 3/4
FIRE OF CONSCIENCE  (d. Dante Lam)  ** 1/2
FIRST GRADER, THE  (d. Justin Chadwick) ***
FISTS IN THE POCKET  (d. Marco Bellocchio)  *** 1/2
FLOWERS OF WAR, THE (d. Zhang Yimou, China)  ** 1/4
FLYING FISH  (d. Sanjeewa Pushpakummara)  1/2*
FOOTLOOSE  (d. Craig Brewer)  Why make this film? It has retro feel of '80s no different from orig.  Lead actor can dance; but has no charisma.  * 3/4
FOOTNOTE  (d. Joseph Cedar,  Israel)  *** 3/4
FOUR MORE YEARS  (d. Tova Magnusson-Norling)  *** 1/2
FRONT LINE, THE (d. Jang Hun, Korea)  *** 1/2
FUCK MY LIFE  (d. Nicolás López)  ***
FUNKYTOWN  (d. Daniel Roby)  *** 1/4
GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO  (d. David Fincher) For me the story was too familiar. But like Zodiac, nobody does epic thrillers as well as DF. *** 1/4+
GOOD NEIGHBORS  (d. Jacob Tierney) Diverting, predictable urban bad neighbor flick spoiled by terribly written, truncated 3rd act. Baruchel fine here.  **
GORBACIOF  (d. Stefano Incerti) * 3/4
GUARD, THE  (d. John Michael McDonagh) The "other" McDonagh bro even improves on In Bruges. Is there an auteur theory for brothers?  *** 1/2
GUN HILL ROAD  (d. Rashaad Green)  ** 1/2
HANNA (d. Joe Wright) Wow!  Exciting filmmaking, great score!, Run Lola Run with a dash of Welles & Kubrick, fabulous editing, Wright scores again!  *** 3/4
HAPPY FEET TWO  (d. George Miller)  Loved the original; but this sequel adds nothing and was a confusing mess.  * 3/4
HAPPY, HAPPY  (d. Anne Sewitsky)  *** 1/4
HARRY POTTER 8 (d. David Yates) Non-stop, propulsive action. Total immersion into the story, really splendid f/x, solid acting. Best Potter flick; but sort of predictable. *** 1/4
HAVANASTATION  (d. Ian Padrón, Cuba)  ** 1/4
HAVRE, LE  (d. Aki Kaurismaki, Finland)  ** 1/2
HAYFEVER  (d. Laura Luchetti)  ** 1/4
HEADING WEST  (d. Nicole van Kilsdonk)  ** 1/2
HELL AND BACK AGAIN (d. Danfung Dennis) V. Weirdly edited docu of marines in Afghan. & one wounded man's scary life after coming home. ** 1/2
HELP, THE  (d. Tate Taylor) Beautifully acted, somewhat pat and predictable, but ultimatelly affecting story. Olivia Spencer just about steals the picture.  *** 1/4
HERMANO  (d. Marcel Rasquin; Venezuela) *** 1/2
HIGH ROAD  (d.  Matt Walsh)  ** 
HIS MOTHER'S EYES (Les Yeux de sa mère) (d. Thiery Klifa) *** 1/4
HIS WAY (d. Douglas McGrath) V. Docu about Jerry Weintraub.   Interesting life, big stars, unconventioinal mogul, boringly made documentary. ** 1/2
HIT SO HARD  (d. David Ebersole)  ** 1/4
HOOKED  (d. Pavel Sanayev)  ***
HORRIBLE BOSSES  (d. Seth Gordon)  For 3/4 it was one hell of a funny, inventive R-rated comedy with some marvelous comic acting. Script loses bite final 1/4. ***
HOUSE OF BOYS (d. Jean-Claude Schlim) Earnest, glossy gay film about boy dancers in 1984 Amsterdam, sort of sexy, sort of truthful of that era (AIDS etc.)  ** 1/2
HOW FUNNY (OUR COUNTRY IS)  (d. Deddy Mizwar; Indonesia)  W/O
HOW TO DIE IN OREGON (d. Peter D. Richardson)  *** 1/2
HUGO  (d. Martin Scorsese) Gorgeous paean to early days of cinema. Fabulous visuals & director's style make up for simplistic plot.  *** 1/2
HUNGER  (d. Steve McQueen) V. Fascinating direction: contrast between vivid acting and still compositions. Hard stuff to watch; but Fassbender scintillating.  ***
HUNTER, THE  (d. Rafi Pitts)  * 3/4
I AM NUMBER 4 (d. D.J. Caruso) This year's Jumper, alien teen with superpower. Plot barely holds together. Olyphant wasted; but young actors are attractive.  ** 1/2
IDES OF MARCH  (d.  George Clooney)  Cynical look at presidential politics.  Strong perfs at all levels, with a relevant script developing in surprising ways. *** 1/2
IF A TREE FALLS: STORY OF EARTH LIBERATION FRONT (d. Curry & Cullman) V. Terrorists? or Eco-freedom fighters? Involving people story. *** 1/2
IF I WANT TO WHISTLE, I WHISTLE  (d. Florin Serban; Romania)  *** 1/2
IMMORTALS  (d. Tarsem Singh) Bombastic, but approaching perfection for what it is.  Henry Cavill's sculptured body a work of art in 3D.  ***
IN A BETTER WORLD  (d. Susanne Bier; Denmark)  ****
IN DARKNESS  (d. Agnieszka Holland,  Poland)  *** 3/4
IN THE LAND OF BLOOD AND HONEY (d. Angelina Jolie) V. Romeo & Juliette Bosnian war story, nicely underplayed and well directed. *** 1/4
INCENDIARY: THE WILLINGHAM CASE (d. Bailey & Mims) V. Strong pov docu that Texas (and Gov. Perry) quashed investigation of execution of innocent man. *** 3/4
INCEPTION (d. Christopher Nolan) + 2nd time I followed it better. One speedy, propulsive movie with great f/x & design, stalled by constant necessary exposition. ***
IRON LADY, THE  (d.  Phylida Lloyd)  Streep's Thatcher her meatiest role in years & she attacks it with rare gusto. Film structured better than expected.  ***
ISLAND PRESIDENT, THE (d. Jon Shenk) V. Vitally informative docu of Pres. Nasheed of the Maldives and his quest to save his nation from global warming. *** 1/2
J. EDGAR  (d. Clint Eastwood) Well made - DiCaprio is fine; but its mild whitewash of Hoover & his life was unsettling.  ***
JAMES DEAN (d. Mark Rydell) V. ++  If this nifty tv biopic is a tad overdramatized, it still doesn't detract from 22 yr.-old James Franco's fabulous perf. *** 1/4'
JANE EYRE (d. Cary Fukunaga)  My problem is that I'd always choose Jamie Bell over Michael Fassbender. Great sets & costumes, tho!  ***
JANE'S JOURNEY (d. Lorenz Knauer) V. Jane Goodall is doing wonderful stuff with kids & for environment at age 77.  Still too hagiographic for me. ** 3/4
JEFF, WHO LIVES AT HOME (d. Jay & Mark Duplass) *** 1/4
JESS + MOSS  (d. Clay Jeter)  ** 1/4
JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI (d. David Gelb) V. Beautifully shot docu about 85 yr. old sushi master Jiro Ono & his obsessiveness. Phil Glass score drones.  *** 1/4
JO'S BOY  (Le Fils à Jo) (d. Philippe Guillard)  ** 1/2
KABOOM (d. Gregg Araki) Old style pan-sexual Araki, starts promisingly with some wonderfully kooky perfs (Dekker so fine). Devolves to 3rd act ridiculousness.  *** 1/4
KID WITH A BIKE  (d. Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne)  Continuing Dardennes' obsession with dysfunctional kids and tracking shots. Still, very affecting stuff.  ***
KIDS ARE ALRIGHT, THE  (d.  Lisa Cholodenko) V.+  Superb script & acting undiminished on video. This time Moore's perf. stood out (!)  *** 3/4
KILLING BONO  (d. Nick Hamm)  ***
KING OF DEVIL'S ISLAND  (d. Marius Holst)  *** 1/2
LADY, THE  (d. Luc Besson) Conventional, old fashioned biopic of important Myanmar rebel lady with fine perfs by Yeoh and Thewlis.  ***
LAREDOANS SPEAK: VOICES ON IMMIGRATION (d. Martinez & Schafer) V. Interview heavy pov docu about fallacies of US southern border policy. ** 1/4
LAST MOUNTAIN, THE  (d.  Bill Haney)  *** 1/2
LEDGE, THE  (d. Matthew Chapman) Existential moral dilemma drama with luminous perf. by Charlie Hunnam. Somewhat pat - but suspensful & moving.  *** 1/4
LES MISERABLES: 25th ANN. CONCERT (d. Nick Morris) V. I adore the musical and this concert version does it wonderfully. Even Nick Jonas & Matt Lucas. *** 1/2
LESSON PLAN  (d. Philip Neel, David H. Jeffrey)  *** 1/4
LETTERS FROM THE BIG MAN  (d. Christopher Münch)  ***
LETTERS TO ANGELS  (d. Sulev Keedus, Estonia)  3/4*
LEWIS:  DARK MATTER (d. Bille Eltringham) V. Usually competent mystery Oxford whodunit with multiple suspects & MacGuffins. ** 3/4
LIFE, ABOVE ALL  (d. Oliver Schmitz; South Africa)  *** 1/4
LIGHT OF MINE  (d. Brett Eichenberger)  ** 1/2
LIKE CRAZY  (d. Drake Doremus) Predictable, depressing mash-up of 500 Days of Summer & Green Card. Well acted, if lacking chemistry.  ** 3/4
LILY SOMETIMES (Pieds nus sur las limaces) (d. Fabienne Berthaud) ** 1/2
LIMITLESS (d. Neil Burger) Visually inventive, even exciting. Total wish-fulfillment flick with major plot hole at the center. Still, one of those films down my alley. *** 1/4
LINCOLN LAWYER, THE (d. Brad Furman) Nicely constructed, ironic lawyer flick. Phillippe & McConaughey well matched. But direction nothing special. ** 3/4
LITTLE WHITE LIES (Les Petits mouchoirs) (d. Guillaume Canet) ** 3/4
LOLA (d. Jacques Demy) + ***
LONELIEST PLANET, THE (d. Julia Loktev)  ** 1/4
LONG FALLING, THE (Où va la nuit) (d. Martin Prevost) *** 1/4
LOPE  (d.  Andrucha Waddington)  ** 1/4
LOVE CRIME  (d. Alan Corneau)  *** 1/4
LOVE LIKE POISON (Un Poison violent) (d. Katell Quillévéré) **
LOVING STORY, THE  (d.  Nancy Buirski) V. Outstanding, emotionally satisfying docu about interracial couple whose fight changed America.  *** 3/4
LOW COST (d.Maurice Barthelemy) ***
LUCKY ONES, THE (d. Neil Burger) V. Touching, beautifully acted, unpredictable road trip of 3 soldiers on leave. McAdams, Peña & Robbins perfect.  *** 1/2
LYS  (d.  Krystof Zlatnik)  *
MAGIC TRIP:  KEN KESEY'S SEARCH FOR A KOOL PLACE  (d. Alison Ellwood & Alex Gibney) *** 1/2
MAJORITY, THE  (d. Seren Yüce)  ***
MAN WHO WILL COME, THE  (d. Giorgio Diritti)  *** 1/4
MARATHON BOY  (d. Gemma Atwal) V. Docu "thriller" about massive political controversy surrounding slumdog, Indian 4-year old boy marathon runner.  ***
MARGARET  (d. Kenneth Lonergan)  A young Anna Paquin plays an unsympathetic, spoiled teenager in this overlong, well-intentioned drama.  ** 1/2
MARGIN CALL  (d. J.C. Chandor)  Talky, stagy film about cut-throat Wall St. firm central to recent derivitive meltdown.  Great cast & smart dialog keep it interesting. ***
MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE  (d. Sean Durkin)  Creepy, parania inducing, open-end story of girl escaping cult to stay with middle class sister & husband.  ***
MATCHMAKER, THE  (Pa'am ha'yi'ti)  (d. Avi Nesher)  *** 1/2
MATTER OF TASTE, A  (d. Sally Rowe)  *** 1/2
MEEK'S CUTOFF (d. Kelly Reichardt)
MELANCHOLIA  (d. Lars von Trier)  Unremitting, lugubrious, if watchable, downer where end of the world comes as a blessed relief. ***
MEN AT BATH  (d. Christophe Honoré)  *** 1/4 (personal rating);  * 3/4 (objectively as a film)
MICHAEL  (d. Marcus Schleinzer)  *** 1/4
MICROPHONE (d. Ahmad Abdalla)  ** 1/4
MIDNIGHT IN PARIS (d. Woody Allen) Historical, timebinding whimsy, Allen style. Owen Wilson didn't cut it, imo; but the script is clever & costumes great.  *** 1/4
MIRAL (d. Julian Schnabel) Arty film about Palistinian travails from 1947 to Oslo accords, political, a tinge of anti-Israel; but I was moved despite myself. ***
MISSION IMPOSSIBLE:  GHOST PROTOCOL  (d. Brad Bird) Great stunts, lousy film. I didn't believe one minute of realistic possibility.  * 3/4
MITCHELL 20  (d. Murray & Benson) V. Effective, moving & important advocacy docu for teachers in poor districts progressing from below by board certification. *** 1/2
MONEYBALL (d. Bennett Miller) Pitt & especially a subdued Jonah Hill are wonderful. Sorkin's hand is obvious: more Social Network than baseball flick.  *** 1/2
MONSIEUR LAZHAR  (d. Philippe Fatardeau, Canada)  *** 1/2
MONSIEUR PAPA (d. Kad Merad) ***
MONTE CARLO (d. Thomas Bezucha) Thoroughly mediocre "teen girls adventures in France" flick.  Yet, some fresh faces & an ok script...I enjoyed it.  ** 1/2
MONTEVIDEO: TASTE OF A DREAM  (d. Dragan Bjelogrlic, Serbia)  ** 1/2
MOST IMPORTANT THING IN LIFE IS NOT BEING DEAD, THE (d. Pictel, Torrado, Recuenco) ** 1/4
MOTHERS  (d. Milco Mancevski; Macedonia) ** 3/4
MOUNTAIN, THE  (d. Ole Glaever)  ** 3/4
MUPPETS, THE  (d. James Bobin)  Cleverly meta, nice musical numbers, altogether delightful film even if Muppets have no nostalgic value for me. *** 1/4
MY AFTERNOON WITH MARGUERITTE (La Tête in friche) (d. Jean Becker) *** 1/4
MY BOY JACK (d. Brian Kirk) V. + Watched again for Daniel Radcliffe.  Admirable, poetic script about war and loss, and misplaced patriotism (?).  ***
MY PIECE OF THE PIE (Ma Part du gâteau) (d. Cédric Klapisch) *** 1/4
MY SO CALLED ENEMY  (d. Lisa Gossels)  ***
MY SOUL TO TAKE (d. Wes Craven) Silly horror genre flick obvious & predictabile. But Max Thieriot & John Magaro's chemistry almost make it worth watching. **
MY WEEK WITH MARILYN  (d.  Simon Curtis) Williams' Monroe is an amazing characterization, and Redmayne sold the truth of the story.  *** 1/4
MYSTERIES OF LISBON  (d. Raul Ruiz)  ***
NAMES OF LOVE, THE  (d. Michel Leclerc)  ** 3/4
NATURAL SELECTION (d.  Robbie Pickering)  * 1/4
NIGHT CLERK, THE (Avant l'aube) (d. Raphaël Jacoulot) *** 1/4
NOBODY  (d. Christos Nikoleris)  ***
NORMAN  (d. Jonathan Segal)  *** 1/2
NOTHING TO DECLARE  (Rien à déclarer) (d. Dany Boon) ***
NOTHING'S ALL BAD  (d. Mikkei Munch-Fals) +  ** 3/4
NUUMMIOQ  (d. Torben Bech, Otto Rosing; Greenland)  ** 1/4
OCTOBER  (d. Daniel Vega Vidal, Peru)  ** 3/4
OFF HOURS, THE  (d. Megan Griffiths)  **
OLD GOATS  (d. Taylor Guterson)  *** 1/4
OLIVER SHERMAN  (d. Ryan Redford)  ** 3/4
ON THE ICE (d. Andrew Okpeaha MacLean)  ***
ON TOUR  (d. Mathieu Amalric)  *** 1/4
ONE DAY  (d. Lone Scherfig) Old fashion star power can't elevate contrived script. But Jim Sturgess is truly wonderful, Hathaway's Brit accent distracting. ** 3/4
ORATOR, THE  (d. Tusi Tamasese, New Zealand)  W/O
OSLO, AUGUST 31  (d. Joachim Trier)  *** 3/4
OUR DAY WILL COME (Notre jour viendra) (d. Romain Gavras)  ** 1/4
OUR IDIOT BROTHER (d. Jesse Peretz)  Rudd is especially fine, but film sputters from unrealistic relationships & situations.  ** 3/4
OUR LIFE  (d. Daniele Luchetti)  *** 1/2
OUTRAGE (Autoreiji)  (d. Takeshi Kitano)  ** 1/2
OVER YOUR CITIES GRASS WILL GROW  (d. Sophie Fiennes)  * 3/4
PAGE ONE: INSIDE THE NEW YORK TIMES  (d. Andrew Rossi)  *** 1/4
PAPER BIRDS  (d. Emilio Aragón)  *** 1/2
PARADISE LOST 3: PURGATORY (d. Berlinger & Sinofsky) V. That rarity, a docu series that changed history. Perfect filmmaking at every level.  ****
PATAGONIA  (d. Marc Evans, United Kingdom) +  ***
PERFECT AGE OF ROCK 'N' ROLL, THE (d. Scott Rosenbaum) Jason Ritter is enormously likable & Zegars is sexy; RnR film works until unmotivated ending.  ***
PERFECT SENSE  (d. David Mackenzie)  ** 3/4
PHNOM PENH LULLABY (d. Pawel Kloc) V. Stressful docu follows poor Israeli man & Cambodian woman as they try to find a home for one of their daughters.  ** 1/4
PIANO SOLO  (d. Riccardo Milani)  *** 1/4
PINA  (d. Wim Wenders, Germany) *** 1/4
PINOY SUNDAY  (d. Wi Ding-Ho)  ** 3/4
POINT BLANK (d. Fred Cavayé)  Non-stop action thriller with crooked Parisian police, pregnant wife in peril, kitchen sink stuff; but well mounted.  *** 1/4
POLL DIARIES, THE  (d. Chris Kraus)  *** 1/2
POR EL CAMINO  (d. Charly Braun)  ** 3/4
POSTCARD  (d. Kaneto Shindo, Japan) ** 1/2
POTICHE  (d. François Ozon)  ** 3/4
POUPOUPIDOU (Nobody Else But You)  (d.  Gerald Hustache-Mahieu)  *** 3/4
PRIME SUSPECT (d. Christopher Menaul) V. Catching up in order. 1st series about female cop empowerment. Mirren truly a revelation. *** 1/2
PRIME SUSPECT 2 (d. John Strickland) V. Nicely twisty, turny policier with a racial element. Intricate police work, marred by predictable, messy resolution. ***
PRIME SUSPECT 3 (d. David Drury) V. Complex rent boys plot with nothing neatly sewn up. Some fascinating future stars in minor roles. I expected more.  ***
PRIME SUSPECT 5 (d. Philip Davis) V. Steven Mackintosh makes a convincing prime suspect, D.S. Tennison banashed to the sticks. Predictable script. ** 3/4
PRIME SUSPECT: INNER CIRCLES (d. Sarah Anderson) V. Minor, not very involving story of political corruption & murder.  ** 1/4
PRIME SUSPECT: LOST CHILD (d. John Madden) V. Well acted policier of a pedophile accused of kidnapping a baby.  ** 3/4
PRIME SUSPECT: SCENT OF DARKNESS (d. Paul Marcus) V. Police intrigue & infighting over copycat murders. Gripping & best of current (#4) group. *** 1/4
PRINCE & THE PAGODA BOY, THE  (d. Luu Trong Ninh, Viet Nam)  * 1/2
PRINCESS OF MONTPENSIER, THE (d. Bertrand Tavernier) + Even better on 2nd viewing, superbly written & acted costume drama of French court amours. *** 3/4
PROJECT NIM  (d. James Marsh) V. Involving docu with so many re-creations that it comes off as a clone of new Planet of the Apes flick. ***
PULSAR  (d. Alex Stockman) Belgian Matthias Schoenaerts plays internalized paranoia to perfection in this weird, aimless film about a rampant computer intrusion. ** 1/2
PUNK IS NOT DEAD  (d. Vladimir Blazevski,  Macedonia)  **
QUEEN OF THE SUN: WHAT BEES ARE TELLING US? (d. Taggart Seigel) Beautifully shot, on nose docu of yet another horrible example of man vs. nature.  ***
QUIET LIFE, A  (d. Claudio Cupellini)  *** 1/4
RAMPART (d. Oren Moverman) V. Subdued, minimalist corrupt policeman story with fine naturalistic perfs. But doesn't really go there.  ** 3/4
REAL STEEL  (d. Shawn Levy)  Predictable script (sci-fi re-imagining of The Champ) trumps nicely done f/x and effective robot boxing scenes.  ** 1/2
REBEL TRUCE: HISTORY OF THE CLASH (d. Alan G. Parker) Not my band at the time, their story is tragic & still fresh. Too sketchy; but made its points. ***
REBIRTH  (d. Jim Whitaker) V. Mostly interview docu showing 10 years progression of several survivors of 9/11. Great time lapse of site, interesting & moving*** 1/4
RED EYES (d. Juan Pablo Sallato, Ismael Larrain, Juan Ignacio Sabatini)  * 1/2
RED  (d. Robert Schwenke) V.  Idiosyncratic actioner with a top cast...but a narrative mess.  ** 1/4
REDLAND (d. Asiel Norton)
RESTLESS  (d. Gus Van Sant) Terrible script, maudlin, precious dialog that no actor should have to deliver. But Henry Hopper is an interesting young actor. * 3/4
RETURNING TO THE "A" (d. Egor Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky, Kazakhstan)  *
REVENGE OF THE ELECTRIC CAR, THE  (d. Chris Paine)  *** 1/4
RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, THE  (d. Rupert Wyatt)  The best of the summer tentpoles with a clear narrative & excellent f/x.  *** 1/2
ROADIE  (d. Michael Cuesta)  *** 1/2
ROMAN ARK [short]  (d. Seth Larney)  **
ROMEOS  (d. Sabine Bernardi)  ***
ROSARIO  (d. Alberto Martinez)  *** 1/4
RUMBLE OF THE STONES  (d. Alejandro Bellame Palacios, Venezuela)  ***
RUNWAY, THE  (d. Ian Power)   ** 1/2
SAIGON ELECTRIC  (d. Stephane Gauger)  ** 1/4
SALVATION BOULEVARD  (d. George Ratliff)  ** 1/2
SARAH'S KEY  (d. Gilles Parquet-Brenner) Another moving take on Holocaust story in France, with interesting contemporary angle. Good cast, well directed.  *** 1/4
SECRET FESTIVAL #2  + Seen before in a shorter version; liked it much more this time.  ** 1/2
SEMPER FI: ALWAYS FAITHFUL  (d. Hardmon & Libert) V. Case of docu with important eco message in a pedestrian production.  ** 3/4
SENNA (d. Asif Kapadia) V. Fascinating, suspenseful docu about Formula One driver Ayrton Senna. I knew *nothing* of him & his sport, but was blown away.  *** 3/4
SEPARATION, A  (d. Asghar Farhadi,  Iran)  *** 1/2
SEVDAH FOR KARIM    (d. Jasmin Durakovic)  ** 1/2
SHAME (d. Steve McQueen) Story of sexual predator psychopath...yet Fassbender (and Carrie Mulligan) give the story vibrant sympathy.  *** 1/4
SHOCKING BLUE  (d. Mark de Cloe)  ** 1/2
SILENT HOUSE, THE  (d. Gustavo Hernandéz, Uruguay)  **
SILENT SOULS  (d. Aleksei Fedorchenko)  ***
SIMPLE LIFE, A  (d. Ann Hui, Hong Kong)  *** 1/2
SIMPLE SIMON  (d. Andreas Ohman; Sweden)  *** 1/2
SING YOUR SONG (d. Susanne Rostock) V. Effective, if perhaps excessively hagiographic, bio of Belafonte. Nicely edited & does make its point. ***
SKIN I LIVE IN, THE  (d. Pedro Almodóvar)  Creepy gothic film with Almodovar's patented gender-tripping.  Excellent music & prod. design. Script, not so great. ***
SLEEPING BEAUTY, THE (La Belle endormie) (d. Catherine Breillat) * 1/2
SMALL TOWN MURDER SONGS  (d. Ed Gass-Donnelly)  ***
SOCIAL NETWORK, THE (d. David Fincher) V.++ A rarity: a smart movie about smart people which is totally absorbing & finely crafted. Still, even 3rd time:  ****
SOMETHING VENTURED (d. Daniel Geller, Dayna Goldfine) ** 3/4
SONNY BOY  (d. Maria Peters,  Netherlands)  ***
SORELLE MAI  (d. Marco Bellocchio)  ** 1/2
SOUND OF NOISE  (d. Ola Simonsson & Johannes Stjärne Nilsson)  ***
SOURCE CODE (d. Duncan Jones) Nifty script, well executed by Jones who has stepped up in class. Some niggling temporal problems; but hugely fun. *** 1/4
SPUD  (d. Donovan Marsh) *** 1/4
STOOL PIGEON  (d. Dante Lam)  *** 1/4
STREET DAYS  (d. Levan Koguashvili ; Georgia) *** 1/2
SUBMARINE (d. Richard Ayoade) ** 3/4
SUMMER CODA  (d.  Richard Gray)  ***
SUPER (d. James Gunn) Gory & mildly amusing, film looks terrible (shot on old stock?). Some fine actors stretching...but too weird for me.  **
SUPER-8  (d. J.J. Abrams)  Very ET-retro; high expectations not completely met by script deficiencies. End credit 8mm "film" better than rest. ***
SUPERCLASICO  (d. Ole Christian Madsen,  Denmark)  ** 3/4
SUSHI:  THE GLOBAL CATCH (d. Mark Hall)  *** 1/4
TABLOID  (d.  Errol Morris)  ** 3/4
TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT (d. Michael Dowse) I don't get Dan Fogler...but Topher Grace and Faris are fine. Adult Superbad set in '80s & surprisingly fun. ** 3/4
TAKE SHELTER (d. Jeff Nichols) Effective story of obsession & paranoia, well acted by Chastain & Shannon; but Apocolyptic plot strained my credulity.  ** 3/4
TAKING OF PELHAM 1 2 3 (d. Tony Scott) V. Skillful, involving thriller which falls apart at end. Denzel & Travolta have star power. ** 3/4
TATSUMI  (d. Eric Khoo, Singapore)  *** 1/4
TEENAGE PAPARAZZO (d. Adrian Grenier) V. The ultimate meta-docu, celebrity making a doc about a 14-year old kid paparazzo. But smart & fun & relevant. *** 1/2
TERRAFERMA  (d. Emanuele Crialese, Italy) ** 1/2
TERRI  (d. Azazal Jacobs)  *** 1/4
THOR (d. Kenneth Branagh) Not terrible. The f/x & prod. design a little cheesy, acting ok, script barely ok. Chris H. perfect Thor. ** 1/2
THOUSAND FOOLS, A  (d. Ventura Pons)  ** 3/4
THOUSAND TIMES STRONGER, A  (d. Peter Schildt)  ***
TILT  (d. Viktor Chouchkov)  *** 3/4
TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY  (d. Tomas Alfredson) Subdued thriller to the point of somnambulance, yet acting (esp. Tom Hardy) at high level. ** 3/4
TIRZA  (d. Rudolf van den Berg; The Netherlands)  ** 3/4
TO DIE LIKE A MAN  (d.  João Pedro Rodrigues; Portugal)  ** 1/4
TOAST  (d. SJ Clarkson)  *** 1/4
TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER  (d. Dorota Kedzierzawska)  ***
TOUCH (d. Minh Duc Nguyen)  ***
TRANSFORMERS 3 (d. Michael Bay)  Even for Bay this is terrible: assinine script, horrible 3D (except for the CGI effects which are fine), empty clammor. Ugh! * 1/4
TREATMENT  (d. Steven Schardt, Sean Nelson)  ** 1/2
TREE OF LIFE, THE  (d. Terrence Malick) Georgeous, ambitious paean to...what?  parenthood? god? the universe? Like 2001...maybe I'd grok it better on LSD. *** 1/4
TRESPASS  (d. Joel Schumacher) Graphic story of druggies home invading dysfunctional family situation. Top actors & effective direction can't rescue plot miscues. ** 1/4
TRIP, THE  (d. Michael Winterbottom)  ***
TRUST (d. David Schwimmer) Parents do you know who your daughter is chatting and texting? Well crafted message film; creepy and disturbing. ** 3/4
TURIN HORSE, THE  (d. Bela Tarr) ** 3/4
TWELVE THIRTY (d. Jeff Lipsky) Fascinating, if talky character study. Groff is fine playing full-frontal, straight seducer of mom & 2 daughters! (Teorema lite!)  *** 1/4
TWILIGHT SAGA:  BREAKING DAWN PART 1 (d. Bill Condon) Silly, makes-no-sense plot. Even usual eye candy subdued.  * 3/4
TYRANNOSAUR  (d. Paddy Considine)  *** 1/4
UNDEFEATED (d. Lindsay & Martin) V. Emotionally affecting docu about a black E. Memphis high-school football team & white coach. Immaculately edited. *** 1/2
UNDER FIRE: JOURNALISTS IN COMBAT (d. Martyn Burke) V. Vivid interviews with war correspondents, emotionally resonant, but scattered. ***
UNEVEN ROME (La vita dispari) (d. Luca Fantasia)  * 1/2
UNFINISHED SPACES (d. Murray & Nahmias) V. Uplifting if dry docu of monumental '60s project School of Arts buildings that politics ruined.  ** 1/2
UNSTOPPABLE (d. Tony Scott) Surprisingly affecting and tense film with some dynamite f/x and great sound.  Chris Pine is quite likable.  *** 1/4
UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS (d. Lyn & Metzstein) V.
VAMPIRE  (d. Iwai Shunji)  ** 1/2
VENICE  (d. Jan Jakub Kolski)  ** 3/4
VIOLETA WENT TO HEAVEN  (d. Andrés Wood, Chile)  ** 1/2
VIVA RIVA!  (d. Djo Tunda Wa Munga)  **
W.E.  (d. Madonna) Interesting structure and romantic lushness; but current story more cliche filled than historical story. Oscar Isaac one to watch. ***
WANDERING STREAMS (Les Petits ruisseaux) (d. Pascal Rabaté) ***
WARHORSE  (d. Steven Spielberg) Old fashioned epic, moving even thrilling at times. Great cinematography, especially the well blocked war scenes. *** 1/2
WARRIOR  (d. Gavin O'Connor) Cliché ridden plot mars otherwise well acted & directed fight flick. Edgerton especially good, Hardy mannered, but hot.  ** 3/4
WASTED ON THE YOUNG  (d. Ben C. Lucas)  ***
WATER FOR ELEPHANTS (d. Francis Lawrence)
WAY, THE  (d. Emilio Estevez) A "Bucket List" type film of man following a pilgrimage road through Spain. Lovely travels, affecting personal story.  ***
WE BOUGHT A ZOO  (d.  Cameron Crowe) Predictable "family recovering from mother's death" film with one great scene & a lot of synthetic emotion. ** 1/2
WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN (d. Lynne Ramsay) V. Modern "Bad Seed", hard to watch, but excellent acting & script make for fascination. *** 1/4
WE WERE HERE (d. Weissman & Weber) V. Important, truthful docu of S.F. during the AIDS epidemic. About as resonant for me as docus get.  *** 3/4
WEATHER GIRL (d. Blayne Weaver) Nice buddies romcom script, great chemistry between faves Patrick Adams & Ryan Devlin. Lead Tricia O'Kelley weak link.  ***
WEDDING DIRECTOR, THE (d. Marco Bellocchio) ** 1/4
WEEKEND  (d. Andres Haigh)  *** 3/4
WEEKEND  (d. Andres Haigh)  + 2nd time even better than first time. Most relevant gay relationship film I've ever seen.  Powerful, poignant & truthful. *** 3/4
WELCOME TO THE SOUTH  (d. Luca Miniero)  ** 3/4
WHERE DO WE GO NOW?  (d. Nadine Labaki, Lebanon)  ** 1/2
WHISTLEBLOWER, THE   (d. Larysa Kondracki)  *** 1/4
WHITE IRISH DRINKERS  (d. John Gray)  *** 1/4
WHITECHAPEL  (d. SJ Clarkson) V.  Superbly written British policier chasing a serial killer Jack the Ripper copycat.  Rupert Penry-Jones is excellent.  *** 1/2
WILD TARGET (d. Jonathan Lynn) V. A truly ridiculous, but watchable, British caper comedy with an A cast but a D- plot. Rupert Grint needs to chose better scripts. * 1/2
WIN WIN (d. Thomas McCarthy) Fine feel-good film with some excellent acting. Formulaic, but rings with truth. Alex Shaffer is a find as the teenage wrestler. *** 1/4
WIN/WIN  (d. Jaap van Heusden)  ***
WOLFMAN, THE (d. Joe Johnston) Great production design, sets, authentic 1891 period details don't make up for crappy, cliché ridden script & overacting. ** 1/4
WOMB  (d. Benedek Fliegauf)  *** 1/4
WOMEN ON THE 6TH FLOOR, THE (Service Entrance)  (d. Philippe Le Guey)  *** 1/4
X-MEN: FIRST CLASS (d. Matthew Vaughn) Superior origins film with a fine, albeit historically silly, script and successful casting. Best of the series by a good deal.  ***
YOUNG ADULT  (d. Jason Reitman)  Another overly clever Cody script with a fine male "buddy" perf by Patton Oswalt & Theron is convincing. But... **
YOUNG GOETHE IN LOVE (was GOETHE) (d. Philipp Stolzi)  ** 3/4
ZÉRO DE CONDUITE (d. Jean Vigo) V. I can see where Truffaut was influenced; but honestly Vigo's anarchism & style of filmmaking doesn't appeal in this film. ** 1/2