Photos by:  Sim Aberson

Table at startThe table at the start of the meal.

course 1Course 1:   Of Sea & Soil

Marble Onions with Paddlefish Caviar, Onion Granola, and Chervil.  Oil-cured Smelt, Smoked Shad Roe Emulsion, Salicornia and Goose Tongue Greens.  Cured Asparagus with Oregon Summer Truffle, Homemade Mustard & 3-Hour Hen Yolk.  Treveri Cellars Sparkling Gewürztraminer, Demi-Sec, Yakima Valley.

course 2Course 2:   Spring Salmon Pas de Deux

Smoked King Cannoli & Poached Columbia River King, Breakfast Radish, Pickled Shallots, Wasabi Soubise, and Mustard Greens.  2009 Poet's Leap Riesling, Columbia Valley, Washington.

course 3Course 3:  In the Pink:  Pigs & Peas

Spring Pea Agnolotti and Mangalitsa Pig Coppa, With Manilla Clams, Carrots, and Lovage Oil.  2010 Syncline Rosé, Columbia Valley, Washington.

course 4
Course 4:  'Shrooms, Spuds, Sorrel

Crushed Baby Red Potatoes with Warm Sorrel Sauce, Roasted Spring Boletes, Braised Cascade Morels, and Arugula.  2008 Westrey Pinot Noir, Abbey Ridge, Dundee Hill, Oregon.

course 5
Course 5:  Trifecta of Spring Lamb

Grilled Glazed Ellensburg Lamb Loin with Spicy Herb Salad & Lamb Jus, Crispy Lamb Belly, Romanesco Cauliflower Ragout, Olympic Peninsula Saffron Chickpeas & Poached Tenderloin.  2008 Désignée Cabernet Franc, Conner-Lee Vineyard, Yakima Valley, Washington.

course 6
Course 6:  Sheepy Cheese

Black Sheep Creamery Saint Helen's Cheese, Spring Thyme, Puffed Grain, Farm Greens, Sweet Oregon Vermouth Vainaigrette and First Salmon Berries.

course 7Course 7:  Rhubarb Textural Tower

Warm Rhubarb Consommé with Angelica Leaf Infusion, Glazed Rhubarb, Rhubarb Sorbet, and Rhubarb Tuille.

course 8Course 8:  First Cherries & Lemon Thyme

Wenatchee Bing Cherry-Oregon Olive Oil Cake, Lemon Thyme-Crème Fraîche Ice Cream.  Whipped Spring Honey, and Candied Hazelnuts.

group 9Course 9:  Coffees, Teas & Local Beverages & Sweet Treats

House-Churned Jersey Cow Butter, Rustic Seed Bread, Wild Yeasted Savory Epi from the Wood Oven.  2010 Perennial Vintners Raspberry Port, "Frambelle", Puget Sound, Washington.

The diners
The Diners:

L-R Back Row:  Mike, Roger, Sim, Robert,  Ken, Susan, Kathryn, David M.

Middle:  David H., Josh, Bethany

Front:  John, Emma, George.