motss.con XI photo

This photo was taken at the Gateway Clipper as several con members awaited embarkation.
Click on the photo for a larger (120K) version of the photo.


Bottom row:  John Gintell, Robert Coren, Ken Rudolph, Alan Batie
Second row: Jeremy Mallory, Josh Simon, Jess Anderson, Robert Cumming (Toft),
                     Ann Gulbrandsen, Leroy Dominique, Arnold Zwicky
Top row: Pieter Hazewindus, Ned Deily, Greg Havican, Darren Scott Cobb

Additional 5X7 hard copies of this photo can be obtained by sending a xerox or printout
of the picture with the date (6/20/98 - 7:PM) and $8.00 to:

Gateway Clipper Fleet
9 Station Square Dock
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Attn: Photographer