EVENTS ON SUNDAY & MONDAY October 3-4, 1999

SUNDAY BRUNCH AT RIVER TERRACE ON MUD ISLAND:  Waving brunchers (top-bottom, l-r): Ned Deily,
Doron Meyer, Lisa Cohen, Ayana Craven, Mike Thomas, (2nd row) Darren Scott Cobb, Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen, Aric Olnes, (3rd row) Fred
Vaughn, Josh Simon, Ann Burlingham, (4th row) Mike Reaser, Robert Coren, John Gintell, (5th row) Tim Wilson, Mack McKinley, Marina
Muilwijk, Dvora Silberman, Caitlin Daugherty, (front row) Leroy Dominique, Robert Cumming, Vadim Temkin.

AS ABOVE:  Same group except that is *me* *me* *me* in the 3rd row center (picture taken by Tim Wilson).

Happy brunchers...mmmm! good food.  This looks like the "moment of silence"; but I don't think I took a picture at that exact moment!

More conviviality at Sunday brunch.  Afterwards, people went and toured Mud Island; but I missed out, still suffering from my mysterious fever.

STRAGGLERS BREAKFAST, Monday morning:  Robert, Josh, John & Lars (Ann in background).  The food at the Peabody Hotel Cafe Express was nothing to write home about.

Another shot from the breakfast:  Vadim, Morph, Robert, Fred & Leroy

Lars and Mike at the breakfast.

After breakfast, and after viewing the ducks doing their thing at the Peabody Hotel, we return to checkout.

Closeup of walkers:  Fred, Lars, John & Vadim.

Boring shot of our hotel.  Monday was the first cold, cloudy day of the con.  I loved my accomodations, a big top floor room on the inner courtyard.  The quietest hotel room I've ever had.   Since I was sick much of the time, I spent a lot of time in my room.  Boo hiss.

Time for goodbyes.  Josh gets his bill.  Notice the smile.

Ann says:  "You did *what* to my bill!?"

On my way to the airport, I say goodbye to Leroy, Robert and Lars.

The trip home was uneventful.  Thanks to everybody, especially Tim and Mack, for a great con!!