Saturday, August 9, 1997

The Metro Hotel, motssers braving the dangers of the Western Addition before embarking on their Saturday excursions.

After being refused entry to the Alcatraz Boat, a discouraged group of motssers wait for standby: Season Marie Taylor, Maria, John Dorrance (back to camera), Kathryn Burlingham, Vadim Temkin, John Gintell, Robert Coren, Jack Hamilton, Steve Carter.

Alan Stacey, Jeremy Mallory, Jack Hamilton scowling after watching two full boats leave without us (actually taken earlier at the Metro; but I'm taking dramatic license.)

The day is saved! We're allowed to embark on a Bay boat tour. John, Kevin, and Steve bask in the sea breezes with Alcatraz in the background.

Kathryn, Mike Thomas, Robert, John, Jack

Kathryn, John, Robert, Mike T. Steve, Jack, Kevin, and Ron Rizzo get as close to Alcatraz as we were fated to get this day.

John D., Mike, Jack, Ron Rizzo, John G., Kevin, Steve, Aric Olnes

Kathryn, Robert, John, Steve, Mike

Ilona, Vadim, Ayana Craven

Aric, John, Robert

Kathryn, Mike

Steve, Kevin


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