Con Central hotel

Thursday afternoon arrival at “Con Central”

Sim & Chris - Thursday arrival

Lars and Mike - Thursday arrival

Sim, Chris, David - Thursday arrival

Josh & Rod - Thursday arrival

Kathryn & Ned - Thursday arrival

Arriving at the foodie dinner

Arriving at the foodie dinner - 2

Josh, Mike, Jack, Rod waiting for the food

First course - foodie dinner

A toast to friendship

Sim, Max, John - 1st course

Rod toasts the “lamb two ways”

Mack, Tim, Kathryn

Mack & Tim

Ready for dessert

Steve, Robert, Chris

Steve & Robert

Kathryn & Lars

Going home buzzed

Waiting for a ride?

Tim & Mack at the Columbia Gorge

Photo op

Photo op 2

Photo op 3

Mike & Ned

Gang on the View House platform

Gorgeous Gorge

Lars & Ned

Robert examines Mike's earring

Nice workmanship!

In front of the View House

First of the Columbia Gorge waterfalls

Latourell falls

At Latourell

Everybody has a camera this year (Chris, Ned, Josh)

On the bridge

View from the bridge

On the bridge 2


Mary, Sim, David, Lars & Jack (that's Mike behind Jack)

Nature's sculpture

Wild salmonberries?

Latourell Falls, longshot

While others hike to the top: Steph, Josh, Chuk and I rest

The Thinker


Bridal Veil Falls


Vantage point

Tim & Mack

“Hey, look here!”

Rod joins my aerie

Problems at Multnomah Falls!

The “biggie”

Mary & Josh lead the group

Justly famous waterfall

I never climbed up to that bridge

Mack, Robert, Tim

Ned, Mack, Robert, Tim, Chris look back at a BIG dog

Jack: “Nice doggy!”

Apparently he didn't bite

Robert, John, Tim

Lots of photos

Cellphones even work here

Ned, Chris, Mack reverse view

The park rangers - the Falls weren't the only eye candy

What now?


Bridge to Washington State


Josh, Kathryn, Sim & Mike

“Char Burger” in the background

Spillway at Bonneville Dam

Sim, Josh, Chris, Jack

Kathryn, David, Sim & Chris read about old turbine wheel

The “old turbine wheel”

Steph in repose

Robert: “Where are the spawning fish?”

Spawning fish!

Lots of salmon (it's the season)

Gilly Burlingham holds court at Friday evening pizza party (my only picture here)

Chuk, Rod, Josh, Jack arrive at Saturday morning farmer's market

Biscuits & gravy at the market


Saturday morning Farmer's Market is busy

Portland art museum

The museum crowd

“No pictures allowed”: But the Dying Gaul was worth getting busted by security

Segway tour at “secret rendezvous”

Nine plus myself ready for the Segways

Our chariots - mine is #7

Our two tour guides

Our handsome guide #2

Is the checkin over?!

Tim, Mack & Josh waiting for the Segways


On our way

First rest-stop

Our guide #2

Oh! what a lovely day for Segwaying

The gang's all here

The kid just caught this sturgeon in the river!

Hoisting a few at the Blue Moon Tavern Saturday night

Our dim sum palace Sunday morning

Table #1

Table #2

Motss Con XXII - Sunday morning

After dim sum

Goodbye friends!

Rod's leaving


Steve & Penny Lane

Jack & Alan digest the Chinese breakfast at Con Central

Mike & a good cuppa java

On the way up to the Japanese Garden (Sunday afternoon)

Steph & David at the Tea House

The Japanese Garden

Approach to the Tea House


Van Gogh would have loved it here

The Koy pond


“Feed me!”

Japanese garden scene

Josh & Chuk

Japanese water transport

Chuk, Robert, John, Josh at the garden

Steph: “Erase this photo - immediately!”

Robert, John, Steph at the rest stop

Alan & David arrive

Resting up at the garden's lowest point


At the rock garden

Josh & Kathryn

At the rock garden

Robert & George

Josh & Mary

“Mean Mary” demonstrates

Take that!


Steph & Lars contemplate the rocks

Lars & Steph


The rock garden

Ned, Kathryn & Chuk

David & George

David & George - 2

Great picture, Mary!

Alan & Mike

Scenic view on a clear day

Mt. Hood dimly visable over Portland

Another rock garden

Every view a post card

Overlooking the second rock garden



Kathryn, Josh, Chris, Sim


Leaving the Japanese Garden

At the Rose Garden





Motss Con XXII at the Rose Garden

Sunday night tapas at Navarre

The “red” - quite serviceable

The “pink” - ugh


At the table

Adios...I left after this photo